Singapore Will Limit Air Flight During Trump-Kim Meeting

What Does the US Gain from the Security Assistance It Provides to the ME? – Singapore is said to be limiting flights and air traffic during a summit between Donald Trump and also Kim Jong Un.

Reported by Reuters on Saturday (9/6/2018), Rules that remove the authority of Singapore flight will apply from June 11-13.

As for the special area of ​​the second location both will come into effect on 10-14 June.

This will certainly impact on the flight delays in one of the busiest airports in Asia.

Passengers were warned of possible delays in arrivals and departures from Singapore during the meeting, the Ministry of Defense and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore said.

All aircraft that will land at Changi Airport are required to lower the pace and face some restrictions on using the ground “for national security reasons,” according to the notice.

As is known, the meeting of both world leaders Donald Trump and also Kim Jong Un will happen on 12 June. While the two heads of state will be present in Singapore tomorrow.