G7 Pledges to Ensure Iran’s Nuclear Program for Peaceful Interests

G7 state leaders pledge to ensure Iran's nuclear program is peaceful
G7 state leaders pledge to ensure Iran's nuclear program is peaceful. Photo: Reuters

atynews.com – G7 state leaders pledge to ensure Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful. It was stated in a joint statement between the United States (US) and its European allies who were angry over Donald Trump’s withdrawal from an internationally agreed agreement.

“We are committed to permanently ensuring that Iran’s nuclear program remains peaceful, in line with its international obligations and commitments to never seek, develop or acquire nuclear weapons,” G7 state leaders said at the end of a two-day meeting in Canada.

“We condemn all the financial support of terrorism including terrorist groups sponsored by Iran. We also call on Iran to play a constructive role by contributing to the fight against terrorism and achieving a political, reconciliation and peace solution in the region, “the statement said, as quoted by Al Arabiya, Sunday (10/6/2018).

The G7 group includes European countries such as Germany, France and Britain – along with the United States – signed a 2015 nuclear pact that allows lifting sanctions against Iran. US President Donald Trump said on Saturday that G7 leaders had declared their commitment to include Iran’s “nuclear ambitions” at their summit in Canada.

“The G7 nations remain committed to controlling Iran’s nuclear ambitions,” said Trump, who has angered European leaders by withdrawing the US from internationally negotiated nuclear agreements.

The US moves to reimpose sanctions against Iran – lifted under an agreement aimed at ensuring Tehran will not develop a nuclear bomb – has seen many European investors returning to the country begin to halt operations.