Trump Considers Granting for Boxing Legend “Muhammad Ali”

The World Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali
The World Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali. Photo: BBC – US President Donald Trump claims he is considering forgiveness or granting for the legendary boxing of Muhammad Ali who died in 2016. But his family declared unnecessary clemency for the deceased Ali. In 1967, the world boxing legend was sentenced to five years in prison and his boxing title was disarmed after refusing to join the military in the Vietnam War. He was then known as an anti-war activist.

Trump says Muhammad Ali is one of the thousands of names he considering granting clemency. It was announced by Trump on the way to the G-7 summit in Canada.

“Currently preparing recommendations,” Trump said. “I’m thinking of someone you all know well,” he said. “He’s been through a lot of things and he’s not very popular-no, I do not think about OJ-look, he’s not that popular then. It’s very popular right now I’m thinking of Muhammad Ali I think about it very seriously, and some, “Trump said.

Trump’s announcement was submitted even though the US Supreme Court in 1971 had canceled the verdict that Ali was guilty. After the Supreme Court ruling came out, President Jimmy Carter in 1977 knew issued an “empty pardon” to all the conscripts during the Vietnam War.

Since coming to power, Trump has granted clemency to six people, including Jack Johnson, the first heavyweight champion, who was convicted in 1913 for bringing a white woman across the country boundary for immoral purposes.

In earlier week Trump forgave Alice Johnson, a woman who served a life sentence for non-violent drug offenses. Forgiveness came after lobbying by reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Meanwhile, Muhammad Ali’s family through his lawyer said that clemency is not needed for the deceased Ali.

“We appreciate President Trump’s sentiments, but forgiveness is not necessary. The US Supreme Court has annulled Muhammad Ali’s conviction in a unanimous decision in 1971,” said Ron Tweel, a lawyer for his real boxer and widow Lonnie told Reuters on Saturday (9/6/2018).