Air Attack “Ghost” in Syria Kills 44 People

4 – At least 44 people were reported killed in a “ghost” airstrike that occurred in a village in the province of Idlib, Syria.

11 The death toll of these women and children is condemned by various parties to the Syrian Obersavatorium on Human Rights.

According to the Syrian Obersavatory report for Human Rights, quoted from Reuters page on Saturday (9/6/2018), though unrecognized, it suspects the attack was carried out by Russian fighter jets.

“Jet empur, possibly Russia, targeted Zardana village in the northern Idlib countryside overnight and caused the highest death toll in a single attack in the region, including 11 women and six children,” said the laboratory director Rami Abdulrahman.

He also added that there are about 60 people who are critical of the very inhuman attacks.

“The death toll is expected to rise as some people, from about 60 people injured in the attack are in critical condition,” he continued.

The region of Idlib, in the northwest of the largest region still under the control of insurgents fighting the Damascus government. Idlib is also a shelter location for citizens and rebels who fled the Syrian government.