Russian President Warns of World War 3

Vladimir Putin & Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters – Russian President Vladmiri Putin warned of a third world war in an interview on local TV station in Russia.

Reporting from the page The Week, Saturday (9/6/2018), Putin deplore the attitude of the United States out of Soviety ballistic anti-ballistic missile treaty in 2002.

“The fear of mutual damage is always holding back and forcing the military forces to respect each other,” he said.

He also said the US release of the agreement could damage the balance.

“The exit of the United States from missile defense agreements is an attempt to undermine this balance, but our efforts in developing new weapons will maintain this balance,” he added.

Putin also hinted that if World War 4 will use sticks and stones alone.

“I do not know with what weapon World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.”

“With about 7,000 nuclear weapons forming the most diverse and destructive nuclear arsenal in the world, Putin can unilaterally decide to start a war to end civilization,” the news website said.