Mike Pompeo: North Korea Must Agree All Its Nuclear Sites in Inspection

Mike Pompeo & Retno Marsudi. Photo: AFP

atynews.com – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that northern korea should allow ace to check all its nuclear sites.

This is said Mike so that the denuclearization agreement can be achieved and the achievement of peace on the peninsula of Korea.

“I do not want to get too far into the details, but when you think about thorough denuclearization, it will surely be all their sites, not just sites that have been declared, have they?” said Pompeo.

“So we have to make sure that it’s done,” added Pompeo.

Reported from the Washington Examiner on Saturday (9/6/2018), Mike said this requires a big commitment from north korea.

“It requires a lot of work, a big commitment from North Korea as well, and there will be a series of parallel security guarantees that are also big and bold and different,” he said.

President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will meet on June 12 in Singapore to discuss the denuclearization process.