China Accused of Hacking and Stealing US Navy Data

Hacking. Photo: Google – A US official has said that Chinese government hackers have cracked and damaged naval data.

Quoted Reuters on Saturday (9/6/2018), This is expressed by a high official in the US who do not want his name published in the media.

He said the incident happened in January and February and now the case has been investigated by high-ranking naval officials and assisted by the FBI.

“This action took place in January and February,” the official told the Washington Post. The official spoke on condition of anonymity about the ongoing investigation led by the Navy and assisted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). he said.

The official said the hacker targeted a contractor working for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, a Newport-based military entity, Rhode Island.

“The hacked material consists of 614 gigabytes related to the project known as Sea Dragon, as well as signal and sensor data, submarine radio space information related to the ship’s Naval submarine war cryptography system and submarine warfare,” the Washington Post reported, citing officials.