US B-1b Bomb Aircraft Reported Natural Mechanical Failure

B-1b. Photo: CNN – The bomber belonging to the United States (US), B-1B reportedly suffered a mechanical disorder and should return its base.

Quoted from Sputnik page, Saturday (9/6/2018), This is expressed directly by the US Air Force Global Command (AFGSC) Command (US) so that all B-1B aircraft are prohibited from flying.

In the statement said, the investigation process has found a problem on the plane.

“During the safety investigation process after the B-1B emergency landing in Midland, Texas, there was a problem with the ejection seat components that required stand down,” AFGSC press release said.

In the sound of the question is also said, Aircraft B-1B will also be re-flown if the problem is resolved.

Security issues came in the middle of the flight after the B-1B dubbed “Bone” took off from Dyess Air Force Base in Texas. None of the four crew members were injured.

The emergency team was ready even before the plane landed, and the firefighters were reported to have used fireproof foam on the plane on landing. This led to speculation that the plane might have engine fires.