Vladimir Putin: 2019 Russian Military Sent By Hypersonic Missiles

Vladimir Putin. Photo: Google

atynews.com – Russian President Vladimir Putih says Russia’s military will ship Kinzhal’s hypersonic missiles by 2019.

Quoted from TASS, Friday (08/06/2018), White delivered it in an annual question and answer session with local media.

“Kinzhal air hypersonic system is a hypersonic missile that flies at Mach 10 and it’s already operating in our army in the Southern Federal District,” Putin said.

Putin also says if you are in doubt about this missile, then he can watch it at the launch of this missile.

“If someone has any doubts about it, he should watch it, we specifically show the launch of this missile,” he said.

White says in this weapon, Laser also operates. Avangard system is also in production process in Industry.

“Secondly, the laser combat system also operates.The Avangard system is in the process of industrial production, it has become a serial production and we plan to ship it to the Armed Forces by 2019,” Putin said.