US Marine Mega Drone at Launch

DARPA awarded Phase 3 of Tern to a team led by Northrop Grumman Corp. The Tern is in competition to be the Marine Corps' new MUX mega-drone. DARPA photo illustration – An unmanned ship (Mega Drone) belonging to the US naval army is rumored to have been tested and launched from an airstrip on board a ship.

Report, Thursday (7/6/2018), This is the first time the US Marines have Drones big enough to be part of them.

But unfortunately, the drones were crushed not to carry weapons, logistics, missions supplying or escorting MV-22 Osprey, officials said on an industry day near Quantico, Virginia on Wednesday.

This drone has been named MUX. MUX will be focused on the mission of US marine spies in the air and report all developments to the control center.

US marine officials say the MUX is a simple dream of a sophisticated F-35 classmate in the program and is believed to be more sophisticated.

Unfortunately again, MUX is also not equipped with an early warning system. In the future, MUX will continue to be upgraded for the system.

“We want something that will be big, expensive and possibly beyond the reach of the Marine Corps,” Brig. General James “Rainman” Adams, a director of ability development for MUX.