US Will Not Allow Iran to Develop Nuclear Weapons

nuclear iran. photo: google – United States (US) refused and will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons in the country.

Reported from the Sputnik page, Thursday (07/06/2018) This is expressed directly by the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo through twitter account.

“We are watching reports that Iran is planning to increase its enrichment capacity,” Pompeo wrote in a posting on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

Pompeo also said that Iran is also aware of the US determination not to allow them to develop such weapons.

“We will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, but Iran is aware of our resolve,” he added.

Several local media in Iran reported earlier in the day that the government had ordered to start operations to increase uranium enrichment given the recent US decision to reinstate sanctions against Tehran.

Pompeo called Iran’s actions, another representation of Tehran’s foolish resource sacrifice. Therefore, the country’s protests are not surprising, the US Secretary of State concluded.