An FBI Member Does Not Accidentally Shoot People

FBI Member. Photo: Reuters – A nightclub visitor reportedly accidentally shot at his feet by the gun of an FBI agent.

Reported from Denver Post, Wednesday (6/6/2018), the incident was said to happen accidentally in a night club.

At first an unattached FBI member was dancing and doing back salto so his gun fell.

When taken, it turns out the gun is active and removing the bullet. As a result, a club visitor was shot at his feet.

The case is rumored to have been handled by the local police. “The victims were taken to the hospital with a good prognosis,” the Denver Police Department said.

The police also said that the FBI members had already been interrogated and had been submitted to the FBI supervisor.

The name of the FBI member is unknown because the agency’s identity is not released because it has not been sued. The investigation is still conducted by the police. While the demands will be submitted to the office of attorney authority District of Denver, Colorado.