US to increase South China Sea Patrol

Photo: Reuters – United States (US) is reported will soon increase Patrol in the South China Sea.

Quoted from the Reuters page, Wednesday (06/06/2018), the US is also reportedly invites allies in the region to patrol together.

On the other hand, the Security believes that this move could trigger mounting tensions between the US and China.

The reason the US is stepping up patrols in the South China Sea is rumored because of the increasing militarization of the Chinese state at the site.

Even an official in the US also said there would be a bigger step than just a patrol in the area.

“What we have seen in recent weeks is just the beginning, much greater is being planned,” a Western diplomat said anonymously.

The Pentagon was also silent when asked about the increase in US patrols in the waters.

“We will continue to work with our friends, partners and alliances to ensure the Indo-Pacific is free and open,” said one of the Pentagon officials.