2 Abandoned Boeing 747s Could Become the New Air Force Ones

New Air Force Ones

The US Air Force is reportedly ready to buy two Boeing 747s from a bankrupt Russian airline. Could they be the future Air Force Ones for the country? This is a possibility since the deal would be cheaper and could save the institution millions of dollars. Donald Trump on one occasion told the public that the replacement project costs sounded absurd. A source revealed that Boeing is about to sell two 747 planes to the Air Force.

For those unaware, there are two planes used at a time instead of one. The first one is dedicated to the president, while the other one is meant for a spare. They look nearly identical except for the tail fin numbers which appear to be slightly different. The order was placed in 2013 by the Russian Airline Transaero, but it went out of business two years later. However, they’re still trying to make a deal, so that the two planes can be taken over by the Air Force One. This deal means a lot not only to taxpayers, but also to the institution itself.

Transaero’s initial plan was actually to buy 4 planes, but unfortunately, it went bankrupt. Two of the Boeings have been flight-tested. Since no deal has been made, yet, they’re now kept at the Southern California Logistics Airport. The reason is because the condition is good for the planes. It’s dry and hot, which helps prevent corrosion. Despite being a great deal, turning these jumbo jets into Air Force Ones would still cost a lot. The interior of an Air Force One is known to be lavish and premium.

The cost estimate is around USD 3.2 Billion. Though actual price of each plane is much lower, it’s worth-noting that an Air Force One is not a typical commercial plane. It should be equipped with advanced defensive technology and a good-looking interior. There are many other additions that would drive up the cost.