8 Military Veterans Are Buried Because No Family Comes

    Members of the Armed Services Honor Guard carry U.S. flags during a June 1 burial ceremony for the remains of eight veterans at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. (Kin Man Hui/The San Antonio Express-News via AP)

    atynews.com – 8 Military veterans are buried militarily after being kept for years under a courtroom underground building in the Texas Panhandle.

    Reported from the page Military.com, Monday (4/6/2018), the corpse was stored for so long because none of the family of the 8 veterans who took it.

    The San Antonio Express report, Some of the veteran’s bodies are even 15 years old in that place.

    “These veterans we’ve found serve our country with honor,” said Joyce Earnest, the Texas coordinator for the project, which has discovered, identified and interpreted the remains of American veterans that have not been claimed since 2007. “And they deserve to be treated with honor in their deaths, “he said

    In addition to Petty Officer Black, the other seven veterans of the deceased are:

    1. Tech Sgt. Dana Dean Milton Jr., 85, served in the Army, Navy and Air Force.
    2. Naval Aviation Recruiting George Machoul Aswad II, 58.
    3. Army Pfc. Andrew Benson Bramlett, 61.
    4. Army Soldier. Robert Pete Brunner, 71.
    5. Navy Seaman Everett Earl Criss, 71.
    6. Army Pfc. Don Stewart, 83.
    7. Pfc Marine. Floyd Ray White, 65.