Israel Attacks Gaza Strip

Jet Israel. JACK GUEZ/AFP – Israel reportedly launched a series of attacks on the Gaza strip last week (3/6/2018) yesterday.

Reported from the Independent, Monday (4/6/2018), the attack is reportedly targeting the locations of Hamaz militant weapons in the Gaza Strip.

In the report, there was no information on the number of militants killed or wounded.

But a military spokesman confirmed in a statement that fighter jets attacked 15 locations in the Gaza Strip, saying the attack was “a reaction to a previous rocket firing of Israel.”

One municipal war training installation was also bombed in Shuja’iyya Settlements, and the infrastructure belonging to Hamas marine troops was also attacked.

As is known, Tensions took place on the border of Iseral and Gaza after President Donald Trump inaugurated the new US Embassy in Jerusalem.

A few days ago, Gaza militants also reportedly attacked southern Israel. There are at least 70 mortars and rockets fired into villages near the border.