What is a Maven Project?

Photo courtesy of Eli Crane

atynews.com – Project Name Maven came to light after Google terminated its contract with the US military. In this case the Pentagon.

Many are questioning what the Maven Project is working on by the Pentagon as well as technology companies as big as Google.

Quoted from various sources, the Maven Project is an artificial intelligence (AI) program to describe video, and can be used to improve the accuracy of drone attacks.

Google and the Pentagon are reportedly alike in building the project for US military interests.

The Pentagon itself wants to utilize AI technology for Drone attacks in the US military.

This project is in fact criticized by Google employees themselves. Employees are of the opinion that Google believes companies should not engage in battle business.

Basically it is not just Google who is undergoing projects with the military. Some sources say that Amazon and Microsoft also took part in military projects in the US.

Unlike Amazon and Microsoft employees, Googlers do not agree if their company is involved in the war business.