Kaena Point Ridge Can See North Korean Missiles

Entrance to the Kaena Point Satellite Tracking Facility in Hawaii. (US Air Force photo)

atynews.com – Kaena Point Ridge, A sophisticated radar is claimed to be able to track enemy missiles. Especially the north korea missiles.

Quoted from various sources, Saturday (2/6/2018), Kaena Point Ridge has an antenna dome at the top of the mountain and has better accuracy.

The US Missile Defense Agency plans to prepare an environmental impact statement that sees Kaena Point and Kahuku Training Area for more than $ 750 million of Hawaii’s Radar-Defense Internal Affairs.

This radar can keep Hawaii from a Ballistic Missile from its very accurate monitoring.

The radar is planned to be operational in 2023 as part of an enhanced defense in the face of advances in long-range missile technology by North Korea, China and Russia.

But the defense department reportedly has not decided where the site will build the radar.

“The Department of Defense has not made a decision on where to build and operate (radar), but initially evaluated potential alternatives from the standpoint of mission requirements,” said a source.