Pentagon will not underestimate China’s Laser Weapon

48 – Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said it would not take the Chinese weapons laser lightly.

It was revealed by Dana White after the news that in early May revealed that Chinese military personnel fired laser weapons into American military pilots near the Chinese Navy base in Djibouti.

Dana White also revealed that in the incident, at least two US pilots were seriously wounded.

“There are two minor injuries,” Pentagon spokesman Dana White said on May 3. “They are a very serious incident.”

On the other hand companies from China, Poly Technologies also some time ago just show off new laser weapons. That is Laser Silent Killer.

The new weapon is on display at a military arms exhibition event in Kazakhstan.

The US aviation authority also sent a notice to the pilots or NOTAM at the end of April which calls for caution if flying around Djibouti airspace.

“There are several lazing events involving high-powered lasers around the Naval Base of the People’s Liberation Army,” the NOTAM said.