M17: Semi-Automatic Pistol

M17: Semi-Automatic Pistol

A variant of M17 is expected to be produced with a barrel length of 98 mm and a grip that is much shorter.

It all began with a program launched by the US Air Force together with US Army in 2008, the XM17 Modular Gun System. The program was initiated as the first step taken to replace the M9 gun as the standard sidearm for military forces. The M9, first adopted in the 1980s, has been all too worn out and it approaches the end of its service life. It is also outdated in terms of platform. All these factors drove the government to revamp their military forces with all-new firearms. Originally developed by SIG Sauer, the P320 beat out its competitions: the Military & Police by Smith & Wesson, CZ P09, Beretta APX, Detonics Defense STX, and Glock 17 Gen4. It is planned that the gun will be used for the US Army and Air Force under the name of M17.

The introduction would be held by the end of 2017 with mass production expected to begin as soon as early as 2018. With an order of 280,000 units from the US Army (plus some more from the Air Force), this would be the biggest firearm contract in the US since 1985. The former standard firearm, the M9, will be gradually replaced by this model throughout the course of the next ten years. The US Marine Corps also plans to adopt this gun but not until the end of life cycle of their current standard firearms in 2020.

The M9 was plagued by criticisms regarding its 9 x 19 mm ammunition, which lack power. In response, the new replacement is designed with the modular system and the ability to accommodate multiple types of calibers. As a result, the new weapon would be compatible with ammunition such as the .45 ACP, .380 ACP, .375 SIG, and .40 S&W. The weapon will come with a set of kits that makes it possible for the user to conveniently convert to calibers they deem fit for the moment.

Country of originUnited States
Entered serviceExpected in 2017
Caliber9×19 mm Parabellum
Weight (empty)833 g
Length203 mm
Barrel length119 mm
Muzzle velocity~ 360 m/s
Magazine capacity17 rounds
Sighting range50 m
Range of effective fire50 m