Ship USS Ronald Reagan Depart From Yokosuka

264 – The ship USS Ronald Reagan has set out on patrol from Yokusuka, Japan after being stuck some time on the dock.

The USS Ronald Reagan ship alone will patrol the Indo-Pacific region to maintain the stability of the region and allied countries.

The carrier and its strike group – which includes the USS Mustin missile destroyer and the USS Antietam missile cruiser and USS Chancellorsville – will train in the 7th Fleet operations area while “supporting security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region,” ” .

The USS Ronald Reagan ship was stuck in the Yokusuka area for about two weeks due to material problems.

Now, the USS Ronald Reagan ship has departed and brought the sailors to oversee the Tokyo sea.

Last week, the United States banned China from embarking on a multinational voyage in the forthcoming Pacific, citing evidence of militarization of disputed islands in Beijing.

China has long condemned to build artificial land in the South China Sea and put military assets there.