4 Companies Receive $ 93 Million Military Contract To Develop Unmanned Aircraft

Predator B RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft)

atynews.com – Four technology companies are rumored to have received contracts from the military to develop an unmanned aircraft.

No half-hearted, Dana threw in the amount of $ 93 million. So the news collected from the page Washingtontechnology.com on Tuesday (29/05/2018).

The four companies are Griffon Aerospace, Kord Technologies, Kratos Defense and Security Solutions.

Unmanned aircraft are being intensively woke up by military-military around the world. This aircraft will replace military positions in the field to monitor the location.

As in the United States, unmanned aircraft have been used in various sectors within the military. Both the army, the sea and the air have been developed.

Trump Government also issued a budget that is not small so that the latest technology in the military continues to grow stronger.

Later the four companies will be responsible for developing unmanned aircraft for the military.