Indonesian Students Create Unmanned Mini Submarines

636 – Three students from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) succeeded in creating a mini submarine.

They are Silmi Ath Thahirah, Albertus Adrian, and Muhammad Hanif. They have even named their findings, named Arnadyaksa, or the Autonomous Underwater Hybrid Glider.

“Arnadyaksa underwater rides are able to explore the ocean of Indonesia with high maneuverability and durability long enough,” said Adrian, in the ITB release on Thursday (24/05/2018).

Adrian said the cost is also very low to make this mini submarine. Namely ranges from 12-13 million rupiah. Or about $ 1,000.

In fact, he also said the possibility of the required cost could be minimized if mass production.

“This innovation ranges in price 12-13 million because it is still in the prototype stage. We believe for the bigger stage can reduce this cost especially if it is possible to be mass produced, “said Adrian.

The initial idea of ​​making this mini submarine is the number of islands and the extent of the sea in Indonesia. So they think the lack of tools to monitor it all.

They also hope that these findings can be used by the government in Indonesia.