Used Pistol Kills Alexander Hamilton First Published To Public

8 – For the first time in US history, the Piston used to kill Alexander Hamilton was posted to the public on D.C.

At first glance, the old gun did look quite large. Launched from page, Tuesday 29/5/2018, the gun there are two pieces.

It is known that the gun is a British-made gun. It is owned by John B. The church is in a duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.

The gun is on display at the National Postal Musem history museum to be screened on June 12.

Both pistols are the same. In terms of shape and so forth. But there are also many questions launched by netizens.

“Which gun to kill Alexandander Hamilton?”. But anyone can not prove it is the real gun.

“No, nobody knows which gun was used by Hamilton and that by Burr in their duel on July 11, 1804. this term was brother-in-law Hamilton John B. The Church, who fought his own (nonfatal) duel with Burr in 1799, and they In the 1801 duel where Hamilton’s son, Phillip was killed, while Burr Hamilton, Hamilton chose the method, and he chose the Church gun. “