The USS Scorpion Ship’s Family Ship Attends Memorial Day

1698 – The families of USS Scorpion victims are present at Memorial Day today, Monday 28/5/2018 at a memorial at Naval Station Norfolk.

One of the children of USS Scorpion victims, Russ Fennick who at the time of the incident he was 3 months old even present at the event.

Russ Fennick did not remember his father at all. Because he was still a baby. He just saw his father from the photo that was in his mother.

Russ’s father is Elder Fennick. He is a fire control technician at the Skipjack-class USS Scorpion nuclear submarine (SSN 589).

Nobody knows what really happened, but the family clearly knows that 99 members of the naval service never returned.

Massive searches along the projected sub routes in the eastern Atlantic occurred. On October 31, 1968, Navy Chief of Operations Admiral Thomas Moorer announced that Scorpion had found more than 400 miles southwest of the Azores at over 10,000 underwater.

In a private memorial Saturday at Naval Station Norfolk, the family marked the anniversary of the disappearance of the submarine. Head of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson served as keynote speaker. Her father, Capt. William Richardson, who served in the Scorpion from 1962 to 1965, was also present.