USS Arlington Visits NYC For Memorial Day

1149 – USS Arlington a ship commemorating the 9/11 victims visited NYC on the week of 27/5/2018 noon local time to celebrate Memorial Day.

The vessel is reported to have arrived in New York City for the first time on Wednesday, sailing gracefully through the new World Trade Center just days before Memorial Day, joining many other Navy and Coast Guard vessels in the area for the annual Fleet Week.

“This is a very grim and powerful reminder of our mission and purpose as a member of the US Navy,” said Captain Todd Marzano quoted from the Fox News page.

The USS Arlington vessel is also open to the public on anniversaries. For those of you who want to visit this ship with your family or kids, you can take him into the boat.

One corner of this ship. Precisely at the top, there is a special room that is named the room 9/11.

Some of the latest Navy drones and weapons are featured on the flight deck of Arlington, which can launch or land on up to four helicopters. The ship, which weighs nearly 25,000 tons, is equipped with a pair of 30mm guns, missile launchers and ten .50 caliber machine guns for defense.