Former USS commander John S. McCain will retire

383 – Former commander of USS John S. McCain, Cmdr. Alfredo Sanchez is rumored to be retired. What’s more after the military supreme party declared himself guilty in the case of a collision with a tanker in singapore.

Reported, Saturday 26/5/2018, Cmdr. Alfredo Sanchez looked annoyed after he was at the dakwah guilty of the tragedy.

Reportedly, there are at least 10 deaths from seafarers for the collision in Singapore.

Iya also admitted to failing to manage his crew at that time and hoped to tighten training to minimize the risk of accidents that occurred in 2016 ago.

“I failed to arrange” the exact crew needed for the accident, “said Sanchez. “I should have directed more rigorous training.”

The Friday hearing, attended by relatives of sailors who died August 21, is one of a series of military trials resulting from McCain’s crash. For about two hours, the relatives read the statements of victims’ burning and emotional impact.