President Trump Appreciates To A SEAL Member

261 – President of Trump is reportedly awarding Medal of Honor to Britt Slabinski. One of the SEALs for his courage in Afghanistan on March 2002 missions.

At that time, Britt was reportedly leading five SEAL members for a self-harmful rescue mission.

The mission, the rescue mission was successful and now Britt is reportedly leading the School school.

Reportedly, at that time a US Navy MH-47 helicopter was hit by enemy attacks. Petty Class 1 officer Neil Roberts was ejected from the plane to the snow-covered peak of 10,000 feet below.

“Britt received information showing their friend Neil Roberts, who was thrown out of the helicopter, probably alive, facing a choice: waiting for reinforcements and security enough, or to return to the enemy base in the hope of saving Neil’s life” said Trump, recounting the heroism of Slabinski.

This award was also attended by a number of SEAL leaders and state officials in the White House.